About Us

Having spent years studying women’s health, we understand how to effectively help our patients on their journey.

Helping You Understand the Transitions in Life

At The Hormone Centre we understand that every woman is an individual and suffers with different symptoms of menopause.
Our patients tell us that it can be hard to get appointments with doctors who really understand HRT and its benefits who have time to explore all available options with you.
Patient’s who access our centre are seen by a Team of Specialists and Doctors who can diagnose and prescribe for the menopause

These aspects of care underpin everything we do as we support our patients in their menopause journey and ongoing care.

Meet the Team

Our team at The Hormone Centre comprises of passionate specialists who actively work across the NHS and Private sectors who are committed to excellent patient care and are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of care in every aspect of healthcare provision.

Dr Emma Sloan

General Practitioner

BMS Menopause Specialist

Marie Foreman

Midwife / Menopause Specialist

Sally Gasson

Practice Manager

Our Values

Empowering women through their menopause transition.





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