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A GP referral is not required but we can only see patients that are registered with an NHS GP.

See link to the pricing page for clinic services.

Courtesy Call

A member of the team will call you to book your appointment.
We will require your card details to make this booking.

If you need a blood test appointment the team will also book this for you. Please note blood tests incur an additional charge.

For further information on appointment charges and blood test pricing please click here.

Email Confirmation

You will receive an email confirming your appointment and a link to a confidential medical assessment questionnaire for you to complete prior to your appointment with the doctor.

Please note our policy requires that you give the clinic 48 hours’ notice if you wish to cancel or change your appointment.

Medical Consultation

This is your opportunity to talk through all your questions and concerns around menopause. We can go through the benefits of HRT and other treatment options, ensuring you are given the treatment most appropriate for you.

Should a prescription be required it will issued free of charge at this joint clinic appointment.

Please note that whilst prescription is free, the pharmacy will charge the price of the medication. Please see our frequently asked questions.

Helpful Hint: If possible, please arrive 10 minutes earlier than your appointment time to ensure all relevant paperwork has been completed.

Follow Up 3 Month Review

We will book in your 3-month review after your initial consultation

The National Institute for Health-NICE, recommends that the clinic see you for a review 3 months after your initial appointment.

Following your appointment, you will be asked to monitor your symptoms. If HRT was prescribed it can take up to 8 weeks before you notice any significant improvement. Hopefully you will feel the beneficial effect both physically, emotionally and psychologically by 3 months. At this review should any adjustments to your treatment be required these can be made. Should follow up blood tests be required these can be taken.

Please note there is an additional charge for the 3 month review and for follow up blood tests. See here for further pricing information.

Helpful Hint: If you do not wish to attend the clinic for a 3 month review you can make an appointment to see your own GP.

12 Month Review

It is highly recommended that all patients have an annual review and a blood test. A lot can happen in a year and any changes to your symptoms, health and medical history will need to be reviewed. We need to ensure that any medication that was prescribed is still working effectively for you. It may be necessary for you to be referred for additional tests or investigations following this review. The clinic will send you a reminder to book this appointment.

Without this review, the clinic will not be able to provide repeat prescriptions.

Helpful Hint: If you do not wish to attend the clinic for this review you will need to make an appointment to see your own GP.

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