Meet the Team

Having spent years studying women’s health, we understand how to effectively help our patients on their journey.

Dr Emma Sloan

General Practitioner / Menopause Specialist

Dr Emma Sloan

Dr Sloan qualified in 2009 and has been practicing as GP in Brighton. Over the years she has developed a keen interest in hormonal health. More recently Dr Sloan has been learning from the cutting-edge experts in the field of menopause care.
She is a member of The Royal College of General Practitioners, and a Member of The British Menopause Society.

It is really great that we now have body identical hormones that can be safely tapered to an individual’s need.

This area of medicine can have such an impact on someone’s health now and in the future, I love it when a patient says to me that they walked into see me desperate and confused, and walked out empowered and feeling like themselves again.”

Marie Foreman

Midwife / Menopause Specialist

Marie started her career in 1994 qualifying as a midwife in 1997 in Eastbourne. Marie has worked in a variety of clinical settings in Sussex and progressed to a senior clinical leader. Marie has specialised training in women’s health, included as a Professional Midwifery Advocate in 2010 enabling Marie, as a senior midwife, to offer care and support to colleagues in the workplace, focusing on building resilience by allowing time for reflection and discussion, in an advocacy role and working in partnership with women and families making decisions about their care.

Marie has a keen interest in promoting women’s wellbeing, whilst taking the time to listen, educate and motivate them, looking at lifestyle and choices alongside traditional medical models of treatment. She strongly believes that in order to help them to maintain their health, confidence and wellbeing and ultimately to thrive through the menopause, women need to be empowered to make decisions focusing not only on the biological aspects of the menopause but also on lifestyle nutrition, physical and mental health.

Sally Gasson

Practice Manager

Sally has a wealth of invaluable experience with a track record of managing a hugely successful charity run business in the past.

Sally takes pride in providing a personal connection and great customer experience to patients that visit The Hormone Centre.
Sally’s vision in her role as a practice manager is for our patients to feel valued, listened to and cared for.

We are so happy to have Sally on board as our Practice Manager. She has been instrumental in both the establishment and in the ongoing management of The Hormone Centre.